We supply businesses with delicious coffee and quality service. It's simple really...


We're honoured to be trusted by so many fantastic Universities, Hospitals, Cafes and Restaurants. We've been supplying coffee and equipment for over 25 years and we know what it takes to create a great beverage service.

Real Coffee

All of our coffee is specialty grade and roasted in small batches. Specialty coffee means that the green, unroasted beans have received a quality score over 80 (out of 100) and we ensure that the farmers are paid fairly for their quality product. Our coffee is roasted in the UK in small batches to ensure consistent quality and flavour.


We provide a complete training programme for you and your team. This includes learning about espresso preparation, milk steaming, drinks menu, service and cleaning. Upgrading your coffee offering can seem like a big change, but we will work with you continually to ensure your providing your customers with a great coffee service that you can be proud of.


We work with various coffee equipment manufacturers and can provide coffee solutions for a wide range of sectors. Some of our favourite brands include Eversys (Bean to Cup) and La Marzocco (Traditional Espresso).


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